• Providing hands on, face-to-face training of mid-level management in Lean Six Sigma, Crisis Management, Program Management and Media Relations.
  • Providing situational awareness and a common operating picture of ongoing domestic operations to the National Guard Bureau from 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories.
  • Intelligence data analysis and visualization. Supporting DoD and Civilian intelligence missions in data aggregation of classified and open source data.
  • Comprehensive managerial, warehouse and logistic support at the National Guard Bureau’s Consequence Management Support Center.
  • Providing threat and risk analysis and training to the National Guard Bureau’s Chemical, Biological and Radiological Enhanced Response Force Packages.

At the forefront of interagency information and operations management.

Today’s missions are complex, global and increasingly collaborative. They require a spectrum of capabilities that securely integrate knowledge, technologies, policies and processes across organizational boundaries and into practical solutions that drive superior mission outcomes—anywhere in the world. Ikun is at the forefront of these initiatives in domains as diverse as Homeland Security, Civil Support, Materiel Management and Logistics and IT/Cyber Security.

Our IT and content management people drive on-going domestic operations status to the National Guard Bureau from every U.S. state and territory. Our business process and operations personnel are at the heart of America’s Visa program. And we turnkey the materiel management and rapid response requirements at this nation’s 57 Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams. Demanding, complex and collaborative work executed to success with thoroughness, agility and precision. That’s the Ikun difference.